How It Works

At GozAround, we specialize in spreading kindness. We want you to be kind … and we want it to be kind of fun, kind of easy, and kind of natural to incorporate this philosophy into your daily life. That’s our mission.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: help others and be helped in return. 

When you join GozAround as an individual or business member, you will receive your first GozAround points.  Get started by either posting a request for help, offering some or all of your points as a thank you, or start by helping others.  You'll earn more points in the process, increase your rank on the site and move closer to generating donations for volunteer organizations.

So, what should you post?  It could be anything.  Need help moving a couch, writing a poem, proofing your resume, walking your dog, weeding your garden...really almost anything.  But don't be sexual, abusive, illegal, or otherwise offensive postings please.  If in doubt, feel free to ask.

If you are looking to help, you will find a mix of “peer-to-peer” acts of service (directly between individuals) and formal volunteer opportunities posted by organizations including non-profits and community groups.




For volunteer organizations GozAround is a valuable channel for volunteer recruitment and recognition. Simply post a volunteer opporunity on GozAround for free and we will instantly notify our users who have expressed interest in your cause, category of task/request, and geographic location.  We make it quicker and easier for people to get involved by actively notifying them when a suitable opportunity has been posted.  But of course, all GozAround volunteer listings are available to be browsed and responded to at any time.

When you receive an offer from an interested volunteer you will be instantly notifed via email and online in your notification centre.  Feel free to communicate with that candidate through our message feature, and if there is a good fit, accept their offer.  You are free to use your other in-take and vetting processes along side GozAround, we make the introduction but don't intend to override what is already working for you.

Finally, when the project, task, or role has completed, mark it complete on GozAround and log the volunteer's hours and provide some feedback.  All this information is stored on the volunteer's social profile and optionally through social media to recognize the good work that person is doing.  And better yet, if their employer is a GozAround user, we can share their contributions with them as well to tap into corporate giving programs.  

GozAround is meant to be win-win by providing a connecting point for organizations and the individuals and businesses looking to support them, and also a "social resume" for the do-gooders out there to be recognized.

What are GozAround Points?

Points are automatically awarded to volunteers as they complete tasks/projects through GozAround according to their time committment. Accumulating points targets various motivators for our users.

First, the points, and the completed tasks that generate them, serve as a form of social capital. As users earn more points their ranking increases, tracked by city, state/province, and the world. This leaderboard model encourages friendly competition and repeated use.

And, as a true social enterprise, as users volunteer and earn points, GozAround will make quarterly donations to the organizations on our site according to how much their volunteers participate.  So, if they really care about a cause, they will double your impact by generating donations as they give their time. The more they volunteer, the more you receive!

In short, GozAround can be thought of as a real-life video game for making the world a better place.  Volunteers are provided with an on-going, socially driven reward system encourages regular participation and a fun way to quantify people's contributions. 

GozAround is free to join and post.  For more information feel free to contact us at