Advertise & Sponsor

Advertise & Sponsor


Sponsored Rewards Sponsored Rewards are essentially bonus points awarded by a Sponsor to a user who has completed an act of service. The process is simple. Sponsors will receive an allotment of GozAround Points relative to their predetermined monthly budget. These points are then distributed to targeted users as “Sponsored Rewards” based on age, gender, geographic area, or category of act performed. All Sponsored Rewards are accompanied by the Sponsor’s logo and messaging allowing direct brand exposure in a very positive context. This program may be administered by the Sponsor itself or by GozAround on its behalf. Additional Sponsor Benefits Include: • Banner advertising on the website; • The opportunity to off-set 25% of their sponsorship cost with in-kind items to be placed in the GozAround Store; and • Recognition in the launch PR campaign. By positioning themselves with the GozAround community sponsors are identifying with a community-conscious group and availing themselves of direct exposure to a very targeted group of consumers.


Participants join and receive an initial block of GozAround Points. They are then able to post a request for help and offer their initial points as a “thank you” for someone’s assistance. These requests can be for almost anything but could include watering their garden while away, proof reading an essay, or help fixing a leaking tap. In the alternative, users may choose to accumulate more points by offering assistance to those in need or participating in organized volunteer opportunities posted on the site. Those points earned can in-turn be offered to others for their assistance or redeemed in the GozAround Store for rewards such as gift cards, discounts or unique experiences. GozAround can be thought of as a loyalty program for making the world a better place.


We expect volunteer demographics will predict those of GozAround users, with perhaps a slightly higher emphasis on the younger age brackets (as seen in social network users).

Some key volunteer characteristics are as follows:

  • 47% Male 53% Female
  • 65% Married
  • 60% College or University Educated
  • 45% Household Income > $80,000