GozAround allows socially conscious businesses to better execute, measure and share their impact activities. Through our easy-to-use platform we’ll help maximize your benefit to the community and minimize the administrative time and money required to do so.

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    Increase Employee
    Automatically notify staff of CSR programs and volunteer opportunities.
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    Track & Analyze
    Collective Impact
    Log and report on volunteer hours, giving activity, employee participation and more in real time.
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    Share Your
    Share your philanthropic success stories, as they happen, internally and with the world.
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    Encourage Staff
    Develop a sense of pride and contribution through employee-owned personal profiles.
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    Connect with
    Leverage the GozAround network to identify and collaborate with charity partners.
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Why Give Back?

At GozAround, we believe thar those who give, get. In the arena of corporate philanthropy this saying could not be more true, as long as those efforts are properly tracked and shared.

GozAround for Business was designed to do just that. Employing our software will ensure that your CSR are effortlessly and effectively managed so that you can spend less time managing and more time doing.

Businesses who demonstrate that they care about the communities in which they operate often realize multiple benefits, including:

  • Attracting, retaining, and engaging talented and committed employees
  • Enhancing brand image
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Supporting growth via exposure to new markets and people

Best of all, these benefits can be achieved simply by doing good, and what could be better than that?

Key Features

GozAround offers a user-friendly, web-based software platform designed to help corporations find, measure and share their impact activities. Through the easy integration of this software, companies can maximize their benefits to the communities in which they operate and minimize the administrative time and money that is required to do so.

User imageFind

  • Browse non-profits, community organizations, and even individual requests for help to locate your perfect philanthropic match.
  • Foster team cohesiveness and empower your employees to help one another via the private, employee-only, help request function.

User imageMeasure:

  • Efficiently log all philanthropic endeavors (no time consuming data entry or costly HR software required).
  • Quantify your employee contributions as they occur.
  • Instantly generate reports including total volunteer hours, employee leaderboards, as well as causes and organizations supported.
  • Gather qualitative success stories and feedback from staff and those they’ve impacted.
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes with a bank level secure data connection.

User imageShare:

  • Share your philanthropic success stories, both within your walls and with the world.
  • GozAround generates Facebook postings when your projects are completed for you and/or your employees to share. Enjoy the benefits of organic, story-based social media exposure.
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