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Volunteer Opportunity: Grant Writer for RB Jumpstart Mentorship

- Join the Movement:

RB Jumpstart Mentorship and Youth Leadership Training Society is seeking a passionate Grant Writer Volunteer to help secure funding for their programs.

- Role Overview:

What: Research and identify grant opportunities.
Write: Craft compelling grant proposals.
Collaborate: Work with team members on application details.
Deadline: Ensure timely submissions and compliance.

-Additional Details & Skills:

Requirements: Interview, Remote Work, Flexible Schedule
Time Commitment: 5 hours weekly
Experience: Previous grant writing or fundraising experience preferred.
Passion: Must believe in RB Jumpstart's mission.

Why Volunteer?

Make an Impact: Contribute to community initiatives.
Gain Experience: Develop grant writing skills.
Professional Growth: Enhance research and communication skills.

For more information, please contact the organization directly at: admin@rasiebjc.com

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