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Posted by: Abrahim Safi
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We are seeking a dedicated volunteer with an eye for detail and a passion for health and sustainability to advise on the packaging and labeling of our diverse range of fruit-based products. In this role, you will provide insights on eco-friendly packaging solutions and ensure that our product labeling is clear, informative, and compliant with industry standards. Your expertise will help us communicate the natural goodness of our products to our customers while also maintaining our commitment to the environment. The ideal candidate will have experience in food packaging design, knowledge of labeling regulations, and a desire to make a positive impact on consumer health and wellness.

Responsibilities include:
Researching and proposing sustainable packaging materials and practices.
Ensuring compliance with all relevant food labeling laws and regulations.
Collaborating with our product and marketing teams to align packaging design with brand messaging.
Advising on the use of labeling to educate consumers about the health benefits of our products.
If you have the skills to help us present our products in a way that reflects our values and commitment to quality, we would love to hear from you. This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity with the potential to make a long-lasting impact on our brand and customers.
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