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This position supports the Regional Disaster Cycle Services department. To serve on a Disaster Action Team as a worker (in-training) on a DAT response to provide 24-hour immediate support and assistance to individuals and families who have been impacted by a home fire or other local disaster.

OTE: This is an in-person commitment! Although there is some virtual component, so must be capable of using and navigating basic technology - video chat, use apps, Microsoft products, proficient in search engines.
Minimum of 24 hours per month oncall - 3 shifts in 8-hour blocks, 6 shifts in 4-hour blocks, etc.
These shifts are "oncall" meaning that during any given shift you are scheduled for, you must be ready to respond should you be called to a disaster scene, most of which are home fires. Example: In a given month, you select to be oncall for 3 shifts of 8-hour blocks. You may be called zero times, or you may be called three or more times, depending on the number of fires in the area during your shift. But you have to be ready to respond.
Flexible, as you can choose your own shifts throughout a given month.
Committed to completing 10 hours of on-line self-paced training within a month