Volunteer Opportunity: Mock Interview Session

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Posted by: Climb Hire Inc
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Remember those first interview jitters? Heart beating fast, sweaty palms, the whole nine yards? No matter how many times you’ve practiced, those nerves always tend to creep up when it’s time to make that first memorable impression.

Same for us here at Climb Hire :).

Now, as an expert in your field, you’ve obviously conquered said jitters and made it the next rung on the corporate ladder. Time to pay it forward? We think so!

At Climb Hire we’re focused on training the next generation of tech stars (often coming from nontraditional pathways) for entry-level jobs in the corporate world. They’re looking to you to get the key practice they need to shine in their interviews when they graduate in a few short months!

Please join us virtually on Thursday, March 7th from 5-6:30 PM PST for a 1:1 Mock Interview practice session where you’ll play the role of the hiring manager, asking the most common behavioral interview questions (we’ll also provide you an interview guide for support) and share your feedback with trainees after the event wraps to set them up for success.

Help make an impact & sign up now!