Women Empowerment at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

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One of the noteworthy initiatives within this camp is the Women Empowerment Volunteer Program. This program is designed to uplift disadvantaged women through education, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Volunteers work closely with these women to foster economic self-sufficiency and support the development of their business ventures.

As a participant you will contribute to enhancing the quality of life for refugee women in Kakuma camp by promoting economic stability. Your role may involve conducting
-workshops in business skills,IT, administration, financial literacy, people management, and customer care. You will engage in a variety of meaningful activities aimed at assisting the women and girls within the community.

Your tasks may include running specialised sessions that can be highly rewarding, fostering trust, sharing your experiences with women and girls, and listening to their stories. You can assist in developing business plans, crafting grant proposals, and aiding in the design and successful marketing of handmade products. Specific experience working with women’s groups is not required, but a willingness to assist where needed, a genuine interest in supporting women in need, and sensitivity are valuable attributes.

You may also combine this refugee women volunteer project with other activities, such as visiting local schools and refugee organisations, engaging in public speaking with youth and children, and participating in mentorship sessions within the local communities.

Joining our Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Kakuma offers you a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others and contribute to making the world a better place. Additionally, it enhances your resume and provides valuable work experience in an African setting, specifically in Kakuma refugee camp. You will receive a recommendation and a certificate for your participation.

-Teach computer literacy to girls.
-Support women in establishing their own businesses.
-Empower women to achieve financial independence.
-Conduct skills training and health workshops.
-Contribute to adult education, including English, reading, and writing classes.
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    QR2Q+C52, Hong kong Road,, Kakuma1 Zone4 Block6
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