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Posted by: Nataliia Dumbova
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IterateUX Foundation is an inclusive community-based non profit organization that support User Experience designers such as students and professionals worldwide in their career path. We leverage hard and soft skills in the design field through world- class hands- on learning programs that promotes critical thinking, collaboration and enhance creativity.
Iterate UX Foundation is driven by designers for designers. We offer a flexible platform to learn UX research, UX and UI design skills, user-centred skills, but also leadership, collaboration, and presentation skills.

About the role
We are looking for a Discord tech support who has previous experience in managing and working with Bots, permissions, roles, etc.
Provide help support to users who are struggling while interacting with Discord.

Required Skills
2+ years of experience in managing multiple Discord communities on tech support
Strong knowledge of Discord and willingness to experiment with new features to help grow the IterateUX community.
Strong knowledge of managing bots, especially with mee6 bot, managing roles, permissions, bot commands, account settings, channels, and new features
Good understanding of Discord analytics to identify areas of improvement for growing the community
Strong communication skills in presenting new updates of Discord, teaching new Discord features, and providing tech support to users
Good team collaboration skills especially, when it comes to training and implementing new Discord features

Nice to Have
UI/UX Design background on improving the interface of Discord
Conducting Discord training workshops

Minimum of 3 months commitment
Commit 8-10 hours per week

if you are interested in, please send your resume to hr@iterateux.com (please, indicating the website where you found this job posting)
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    Jan 22, 2024 To Apr 22, 2024
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