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Actively-seeking: Spanish-speaking volunteers for a program starting virtually on July 14th.

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An hour and a half a week of your time can start a woman in your community on the road to financial independence.

You do not have to be a financial wizard to be a coach. All you need is the desire to help someone in your community make the most of the money she has.

Women's Money Matters builds the financial literacy, confidence, and security of low-income women in Massachusetts, through a unique program that combines instructional workshops and personal, one-to-one coaching.

We work with clients referred by local social service agencies and customize our program to their needs. Local financial institutions lead our classes. Volunteer coaches serve as personal mentors. The special mentoring component customizes assistance to each client.

Low-income women - who typically have no access to the financial advisors that educate those with higher incomes - get individualized help with the specific financial issues that keep them in poverty.

Teach Financial Skills that Last a Lifetime

Do you have an hour a week to change someone’s life?

As a volunteer coach, you’ll provide ongoing, one-on-one support for your client - and we’ll support you in that effort. As a start, here’s a summary of what we ask of our coaches:

- A genuine interest in and commitment to working with low-income women

- Strict confidentiality of all client financial and personal information

- 14 weeks commitment to your participant

- Participation in a coaches’ orientation

- One or two follow-up contacts with your client between workshops

- Participation in our monthly Coaches’ Exchange

For an hour and a half a week, you can guide someone in your community along the road to financial independence. You don’t have to be a money-management expert to participate, just someone who wants to help. Per the request of Women's Money Matters students, all coaches are women.

Contact our volunteer coordinator, Berny Lugo at blugo@womensmoneymatters.org for more information.
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