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Students everywhere have fallen behind in school due to online learning/Covid. This is especially true in areas already struggling with generational poverty. We go into THESE area schools and work directly with students who are very often falling behind partly because of factors like food insecurity, violence, trauma and illiteracy in the home. Our holistic program addresses as many of those issues as we possibly can. In order to have the most impact, we rely on a force of highly-trained volunteer tutors. If you love teaching, but don't love the record-keeping, behavioral problems and other things taking teachers away from their primary purpose, you'll love working with us! Most of our volunteers are retired teachers and professionals invested heavily in education. We pull them from class for 1:1, 15 minute sessions that have maximum impact. You may work daily, every week or several days per week.

*EVERY volunteer undergoes an interview and background check.

Work either/all options:
PK and K from 8:30-10 AM, M-F
3rd Grade from 10:15-11:45, M-F
GED (16-24 year olds) either from 9-12 or 12:30-2:30PM, M-TH

For more information please visit the organization directly at: https://newsomebailey.org/
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    Newport News, Virginia
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