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His People His Way Ministries Inc is looking for a Web Designer who can work on providing content for our website. The startup organization is in place to help those who experience domestic and sexual violence, homelessness, human trafficking and extreme poverty in territories of Africa and Caribbean and refugees of the same territories.

The project is divided into 7 phases. Phase I is the DV Articles and Statistics page, which should include: Articles on DV, book recommendations on DV, statistics, make a plan of escape, signs of DV for emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, child abuse, hotline numbers, inspirational book recommendations, prevention, education and awareness. Once phase 1 is completed (6-8 wks.), the project comes to an end and HPHW Ministries Inc will put a request for another volunteer. HPHW Ministries Inc understands time is valuable and schedules are busy.

His People His Way Ministries Inc is an organization that has a heart for the issues of homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, refugees and extreme poverty. HPHW Ministries believes in the mission of helping those in need, giving back to our communities and making life changing differences in the lives of people who need us the most.

Your help with phase 1 will help further our mission, the website content is instrumental in speaking to the people we help and the potential donors, investors, and foundations that we need to fund our efforts.

The time a volunteer spends on this project, is time well spent for a good cause. My hope is that the volunteer will learn more about domestic and sexual violence and want to help beyond this project. It's so crucial to shed light on this issue, many victims suffer in silence, some don't make it to become a survivor and tell their story, they become a statistic. I volunteer too and it feels good to help make a difference, to give back.

HPHW Ministries Inc looks forward to working with you.

Su-Yun or (Su) Purefoy
Executive Director & Founder
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    P.O. Box 5802
    Brideport, Connecticut
    United States of America
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    Dec 01, 2022 To Jan 12, 2023
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