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In Africa there is a saying that states; A friend sometimes is better than even a brother, sister, cousin etc. Many of African families and societies are tied up with poverty and cultures which every day causes illiteracy and early marriage amongst young people. Due to poor parental care in families and high rate of school dropout, many young children become young mothers, husbands, and laborers at early age of 12 years. Through this pen pal program, children from poor backgrounds who lost hope about their future will get a friend like you who can spend 20-30 minutes a week or month to care about writing them encouraging letters on topics about education, love, health and hygiene, birth days, Christmas, exams etc and also on topics concerning dangers of early marriage, illiteracy, peer groups and cultural beliefs among others.

This volunteer job is very interesting for you. We have profiles of 500+ children who need encouraging letters from dedicated people like you, when you sign up then we shall share with the profiles of children on your email to choose the ones you are interested in exchanging letters with according to their age bracket and number that you can manage to be sending letters to in after every two weeks or monthly basis.
Below are the major benefits for you to join the program; -It allows you to expand what you know about the world and their cultures.
-It encourages deeper connection and builds patience for a vulnerable child you care about complete his/her education.
- It improves reading and writing skills of children.
Join the program voluntarily today, if you are a parent, student, NGO, company, school, church, business entity, retired, employee or employer among others.
Together we shall save the life of many African children

Benefit To You
-We will be able to provide you a letter of recommendation
- We will be able to act as a reference for your CV or resume
-We would love to offer you a gift to say thanks
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