Open Area Management: Suppressing Invasive Plants

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Posted by: Alivia Acosta
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Open areas, such as fields, need to be regularly cared for. Join a welcoming community of dedicated volunteers on this workday and learn about the importance of open area habitat and why open spaces are maintained adjacent to the Trail. Goals for maintaining open areas can include providing views for hikers, maintaining the agricultural character of the region, suppressing invasive species, and providing meadow environments for wildlife.

Have you always wanted to get into lawn enforcement? Well, now is your chance to learn from the experts. Come out and help maintain open space habitat on National Park Appalachian Trail corridor land.

This work party is focused on the field mowing required to preserve and maintain the open spaces that are an important part of the A.T. experience and a critical habitat for unique flora and fauna. We will use our powered mowers (you'll learn all about them) to mow the upper field at the Ten Mile River Shelter and the fields on the North Stanley tract, and do general brushing as required. We'll teach you how to use the mowers and other cutting tools. There is a combination of light and heavy work, so you can choose what you are most comfortable with.

Please be sure to wear long pants and sturdy boots. Bring plenty of water and snacks for the day, lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, a rain jacket and personal work gloves.