LavaLove® (Electrician/Plumber - Trailer Readiness Crew)

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Objective/ Description: This role is to ensure that all the trailer functions are operating and are properly set up before opening time.

Hose set up/break down. Connect hoses to fire hydrants/water pumps and to cleaning hoses
Turn on generator, plug into water heater and main electricity source
Test all showers and sinks for warm water
Ensure all plugs are working at all stations (medical, barber)
Set up station tent
Refill propane tanks for heating and cooling, place in safe storage

At least 17 years of age
Engineering experience preferred
Worker must have strength and be able to lift heavy items
Must have good problem-solving skills
Must show radical hospitality and a positive attitude

LavaLove®, a 29’ customized all-weather, 3-unit shower-toilet mobile hygiene trailer provides full services to sheltered and unsheltered homeless guests, restoring dignity in those overlooked solely based on their current housing status, bringing visibility to those “invisible” within the community. LavaLove® will provide over 8,000 showers per year delivering access to clean water and hot showers. We will rapidly expand providing shower trailers in Morristown, NJ (Morris County), Newark, NJ (Essex County), New York City, NY, Paterson, NJ (Passaic County), Phillipsburg, NJ (Warren County), Trenton, NJ (Mercer County), and Atlantic City, NJ (Atlantic County). As we grow support of additional partners and legislators, we will roll out additional trailer deployments to cover every county in New Jersey and New York.

Click here to apply: Tinyurl.com/LavaLoveVolunteer