Fundraiser and/or Grant Writer for Non-Profit Horse Farm and Petting Zoo / Happi Farm

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HAPPI FARM is a unique non-profit organization that utilizes a variety of animal interactive programs to improve the quality of life for children dealing with Down syndrome, visual impairment, cerebral palsy and amputations. We are seeking to raise money to allow these children with special needs to have a quality of life. We need your help to:

Raise funds for our cause.
Research potential donors to gain insight into needs, beliefs and donation habits to understand how to position our organization to them
Assist in brainstorming and creating new methods to raise funds for our organization
Leverage technology and social media where possible to improve fundraising activities
Assist in planning and coordinating events meant to raise funds and coordinate activities of volunteers and interns related to event planning and execution
Create marketing materials, like flyers and brochures, to be used for the promotion of events and other fundraising pushes.
Maintain complete and orderly records of donors and manage regular donor communications
Build upon existing donor relationships and form new donor relationships on a regular basis
Collaborate with other organizations and groups within the community to build partnerships and enhance fundraising activities.

For more information please visit the organization's website at: http://www.happifarm.org/volunteer.html

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