Volunteer Angular8 Developer to Improve Disaster Relief! / DISASTER ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT

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SmartResponse Background: Natural and humanitarian disasters are increasingly prevalent. Donations are delayed, diverted, and do not reach intended beneficiaries. Despite overwhelming response from donors worldwide, billions of dollars do not reach disaster survivors because the international community lacks a way to quickly identify and support locally operating, high-impact organizations in real time during a crisis. Local organizations on the front-line of COVID-19 and other disasters typically receive as little as 3% of donations made after disasters. In contrast, 97% of every donation using SmartResponse can reach local efforts. SmartResponse.org incentivizes transparency, as organizations must share information to get listed.

Outcomes: SmartResponse will serve as a global resource for donors, allowing donations to be made directly to local, on-the-ground organizations. SmartResponse will also collect and share additional information on organizations’ response, relief, and recovery activities after disasters happen at scale.

Scope: SmartResponse is looking for a volunteer with proficiency in Angular 8 to assist with fixing bugs, adding features and enhancements to the existing platform as well as helping us with an entirely new build implementing a new data-driven architecture and UI.

Role Requirements: Must have a GitHub account and understand how to fork a repo and make pull requests. Additionally, volunteer must have the ability to do light work with the command line.

Role Duration: ~8 hours per week for at least 6 months

To Apply, please send Resume/CV to: volunteer@disasteraccountability.org. Thank you!

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