Become at Mentor to and At-Risk Youth!

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Positive and uplifting experiences with an adult can be that "IT" factor that can change the course of a young persons' life from the wrong path to the right.

Every young person needs a guiding light that will help them along with this thing we call LIFE!

And you can be that LIGHT that they need!

Visit our website: https://ShowcaseGroup.org

Showcase Group is demonstrating how we can reduce the number of youth going back into youth detention centers by providing strong mental health and community support services.

In order to disrupt the cycle of juvenile incarceration and recidivism, youth must receive further community-based, integrated guidance, and support that aligns with a guided plan addressing their immediate needs (academic support, psychosocial and workforce development, access to viable community resources/opportunities).

Through continued advocate guidance and positive relationships, justice-involved youth receive support in planning the next steps post-incarceration. With your help and the support of our social work team, we can make all the difference in the re-entry experiences of these youth.

Our focus is on making sure our kids are prepared with adequate resources to thrive upon re-entry. This support is managed through community-based Advocacy Groups trained by licensed mental health professionals on various strategies of socio-emotional learning before becoming paired with youth by our Volunteer Coordinator.

Licensed mental health professionals and trained facilitators implement social and emotional skill-building workshops that lay the foundation for our work in the community with the participant and their family. Volunteers from our advocacy groups committed to working with youth 90-180 days depending on the needs of the matched youth.

Our goal is to make certain that our youth leave these detention centers mentally prepared to make the best choices - so they are never faced with incarceration again.

*** We will meet at the front entrance of Piedmont Park across the street from Midtown High School.
(Off 10th St. NE and Charles Allen Dr. NE)

Any questions or comments contact:

Sergio J. Sanders