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The Student Global Ambassador Program (SGAP Leaders), a nonprofit located in Rockville, Maryland with an office in Montclair, NJ is looking for a creative, dedicated storyteller to join our team as a content developer. The responsibilities of the content developer include creating original content for our website, blogs, online campaigns and articles. Experience includes copywriting, graphics, and technical work. The candidate must also adhere to SEO best practices. In addition, the candidate should have exceptional communication, research, and teamwork skills with a good working knowledge of content management software as well as a basic knowledge of HTML and an eye for detail.

SGAP Leaders is a leadership program that empowers our underserved youth (ages 13-18) to take action on real-world problems by using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to solve sustainability and social justice challenges. Our in-person and virtual workshops, tours and speaker series provide a vehicle for students to develop college and career readiness skills. Students choose the themes for our program which ranges from climate change, teen suicide and mental wellness, to human trafficking (to name a few).

We have impacted 4,200+ students from 78 different schools and school districts in NY, NJ, MD, Washington DC, and Northern VA.

Content Developer Responsibilities:

Develop content goals and strategies to attract donors, volunteers and schools
Brainstorm a variety of subjects (climate change, STEM, social justice) for creative content.
Create unique, simple-to-understand, and user-friendly content using good SEO techniques.
Write new web content and edit existing content.
Edit and proofread new content before publication.
Manage the distribution of content through our various channels, including social media.
Analyze performance indicators and web traffic and determine the effectiveness of created content.

Content Developer Requirements:

Associate's or bachelor's degree in computer science, marketing, multimedia communication, or a related field.
Experience in copywriting, graphic design, programming, or a related field may be advantageous.
Strong working knowledge of content/donor management software, including Asana, WordPress, Photoshop, Canva and Flash.
Good working knowledge of HTML and SEO.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Strong attention to detail, multitasking, and analytical skills.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume, a cover letter, and two writing samples to researcher@sgapleaders.org by September 15, 2021 . Please put in the subject line of your email: Content Developer

Applicants will be interviewed on a rolling basis, and we will contact you if we’re interested in scheduling an interview. Please send an email to the above address with questions.
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