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Share Your Life Experience In Budgeting, Banking, Debt Payments, and More! Become a Budget Buddies Presenter and Help Women Reach Their Savings Goals.

The Budget Buddies Program includes 10-14 workshops covering a variety of topics that are presented either in-person or virtually via Zoom. The Presenter plays a key role in the smooth and effective workshop experience. It is the presenters responsibility to engage the audience and deliver the provided curriculum in an interesting and meaningful way. This position requires enthusiasm for the topic, experience engaging an audience of different backgrounds, time management, organization, and planning skills.


Attend a 1-2 hour Presenter Orientation
You may present 1-4 workshops per program (presenters choice)
Presentation length is 1.5 hours (including breakout sessions)
Join workshop 20-30 minutes prior to start time to meet and engage with Program Lead


You may specialize in one topic or several
Volunteer Manager will notify you of available opportunities
Lesson Plans & Slide Deck (for virtual programs) will be provided
Know your topic, and be prepared
Be sensitive to the personal backgrounds of your audience
We encourage sharing your personal expertise/experiences with the audience as long as you follow curriculum and time guidelines

Workshop Themes

Building the Coaching Relationship "Getting to Know You" "Picture This"
Budgeting "Wants Vs. Needs", "Getting On Track" "Earn, Spend, & Save"
Banking "Keeping Your Money Safe"
Debt Management "Building Credit" "Repairing Credit"
Making the most of what you have "Fighting Fraud" "Healthy Eating"
Life Transitions "A Place of Your Own"
Wrapping up "Moving On" "Graduation"

If interested in becoming a Budget Buddies Presenter, please reach out to Berny Lugo at blugo@budgetbuddies.org
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