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SASA is looking for a Social Media Editor to write, produce, and post SASA content on our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, and Twitch!

Position Description:

This is a volunteer (unpaid) position to compile, write, and edit social media postings, including images and captions, before publishing the materials to the appropriate platforms. The Social Media Editor works on the Communications Team and liaises with other Teams to stay up-to-date about current social media campaigns and projected advertising timelines. Additionally, this position works closely with Communications Team Leader Lauren Kubosch to ensure a smooth rollout of our postings. This volunteer will act as the final eyes on all social media content, ensuring that the information, spelling, grammar, and design are all correct.

The duration of this position is flexible depending on the schedule of the applicant. Expected work hours are 10-15 hours per week. All meetings take place via video call and all work is done remotely.The Social Media Manager will be expected to attend weekly meetings with the Communications Team and have meetings with Lauren and other SASA volunteers as needed.

This position is best suited for someone with prior marketing and/or communication experience with strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail.

Act as the final eye for social media posts
Ensuring our posts have excellent presentation, correct grammar, and accurate information
Aid in designing and putting together social media posts
Communicating with the Communications Team about the timeline for posting content
Posting content on our various platforms
Helping out Lauren with various other communications tasks when needed
Attending Communications Team meetings

Necessary skills:
Excellent interpersonal skills
Communications experience
Excellent communications writing and editing skills
Attention to detail
Excellent organizational, planning, research, and writing abilities
Ability to be proactive in communicating with and reaching out to others
Ability to work remotely

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to daviddanzig@saveancientstudies.org. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning 8/4/2021. We aim to have this position filled no later than the end of August, 2021.

About SASA

SASA is a non-profit organization, tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3). SASA's mission is to counter the downward trend in Ancient Studies fields in academia, by (1) uniting graduate students to (2) engage students by guiding the widespread American interest in ancient times toward Ancient Studies, to (3) facilitate ease of access to studying the ancient world, and to (4) support and reimagine scholarship as a lifelong pursuit for those who work as professionals in other areas after receiving their PhDs.

At this time, all positions with SASA are unpaid, including management, volunteers, and interns, except for some few positions on grant funded projects. Since work for SASA is all done remotely, we take a proactive approach to supporting our volunteers and interns. Our goal is that internships and volunteerships with SASA are mutually beneficial, such that volunteers help work on various SASA projects and gain experience in multiple areas, learn skills, gain knowledge, and build connections with numerous people in Ancient Studies and the nonprofit world. Interns work alongside volunteers with more experience and under the guidance of our Team Leaders and the Director. Our work atmosphere is exploratory and collaborative. We all enjoy the company of people who have varied backgrounds and interests of all ages, and who are passionate in their pursuits.
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    Sep 01, 2021
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