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Overview: At United Mission for Relief and Development, the great impact of our aid would not be possible without the commitment of our dedicated volunteers. There are numerous opportunities to get involved and support our programmatic work but one of the most tangible ways is by becoming a UMR Fundraising Leader!

Being a UMR Fundraising Leader takes your contributions to a level beyond a one-time or recurring donation. It gives YOU the power to raise funds for our projects within your own community and turn yourself into a bonafide crowdsourcing superstar!

By recruiting new donors, marketing our programs, and spreading the word about our work far and wide, you will be crucial in helping us fulfill our mission to become the organization of choice for improving lives worldwide.

And UMR will be right by your side to support your fundraising efforts by providing you with donation appeals, development strategies, impact stories, photos, graphics, and much more that will help strengthen your calls to give.

Benefits of UMR Fundraising Leaders:
-Leadership opportunity within our volunteer program
-Significant autonomy to fundraise for and market our projects
-Support, guidance, and materials provided to you by UMR
-Recognition levels and accompanying perks provided by UMR
-Tangible impact knowing the donations you accrue go directly to our work on the ground

-Set up your UMR Fundraising Leader page to be able to collect donations and share with your network. We provide detailed instructions in our Fundraising Toolkit on how to setup and manage your page.
-Edit and adjust your page’s story to include additional content about our work that you think would further motivate potential donors.
-Provide updates related to the services we are providing and the aid we are delivering throughout the world.
-Share you and your donors' personal thoughts and feelings about how you're impacted by UMR’s work and what motivated you to get involved with us. These appeals can be in the form of impact stories or donor giving videos.
-Include photos and graphics on your page, email blasts, and social media posts. Feel free to take them right from our website or social media.
-Tap into your personal and professional networks through email, phone, face-to-face, and social media outreach to encourage them to give, market your page, or perhaps even create their own fundraising page.

Recommended Skills:

There are no required skills or qualifications needed to setup and manage a UMR Fundraising Leader page but we do list a few skills below that if proficient in, will certainly assist you in your fundraising efforts:
-Basic computer skills
-Strong verbal/written communication
-Cross-cultural communication
-Relationship building and networking
-Community outreach abilities
-Advertising and marketing
-Brand development and messaging
-Social Media and blogging
-Previous fundraising/development experience
-Donor Management
-Knowledge of crowdsourcing platforms, specifically Classy

Getting Started:

Are you ready to amplify your impact and become a UMR Fundraising Leader? Make sure you checked out the Fundraising Leader's Toolkit on our website and select the "Become a Fundraiser" button on our fundraising platform we set up if you're eager to take your giving to the next level!