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About Us
Dweebs Global (www.dweebsglobal.org) is a non-profit foundation created to help the pressing needs of those affected economically and mentally all over the world in these trying times. Working alongside trained and vetted mental health professionals, career counsellors, and domain experts, our organization provides one-on-one mentorship, advice and counselling absolutely FREE, without any barriers, via video conferencing and other means.

Our Educational Partnerships Team develops partnerships with universities for three purposes: (1) to list our free resources on their website, (2) to organize free seminars for students in need, and (3) to partner with them to always share our events.

About The Position

We will be filling positions as we find talented and qualified individuals that can contribute to our organization while simultaneously giving back to society in a helpful manner.

Overview of Role:

Help develop course material for Industrial Automation

Why you should apply:

Develop your professional skills related to Engineering while promoting a non-profit organization that makes a positive impact on the world.
Work with a diverse, international team from all over the world.
Explore your career interests in a supportive environment.


Required: Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical (or related) Engineering with knowledge of industrial automation and control systems.
Preferred: Experience of working as a design/maintenance engineer in industry in any sector.
Ideally, a commitment of 3-5 hours per week

*Note: right now, our entire organization is fully volunteer. We have no paid employees, including our staff who donate 60-80 hours a week for free. If this position is not a fit for you, Dweebs Global offers an array of volunteer opportunities which can be viewed on the website. Other potential of interest include the legal, medical, tech, arts, and business fields.
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    2 – 5 hours
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