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SASA is looking for hosts for our monthly Book Clubs!

Position Description:
This is a volunteer (unpaid) position to host SASA’s monthly book clubs. Each month, a different author is invited to discuss their book. This position involves hosting the live SASA Book Club event over Zoom, introducing and interviewing the author, and moderating the Live Audience Q&A. The Book Club events will be live-streamed to SASA Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch accounts, recorded and archived for public viewing on those sites.

All meetings take place via video call and all work, including hosting of the event, is done remotely.

This position is most well-suited to an advanced PhD Student, Candidate, or Early Career Scholar in an Ancient Studies field who wants to actively pursue public outreach. People with teaching/research experience who are currently not affiliated with a university are always welcome to apply.

Attending planning meetings leading up to the live event
Reading the book prior to the live event
Come up with in-depth interview questions
Commitment to at least one SASA live event

Necessary skills:
Excellent interpersonal skills
Comfortable being recorded and on live streamed videos
Ability to work remotely
Excellent organizational, planning, research, and writing abilities
Ancient Studies knowledge

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to daviddanzig@saveancientstudies.org. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning 4/1/2021. We aim to have this position filled no later than the end of 5/15/2021.

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