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Care Cardz is a nonprofit organization with a mission of spreading joy, expressing gratitude, and showing appreciation to those that need it the most (senior citizens, nursing home residents, employees, healthcare workers, first responders, and so many more) in the greater community through handwritten cards. To fulfil our mission we have been writing and drawing in cards generously donated to us by our sponsors (most notably: LovePop, Moo, Punkpost, SentWell, and Postable).

However, our vision is to print and sell our own “Care Cardz” with unique designs created by talented artists across the world to provide artists with a great platform to express themselves through and to create a positive cycle of impact. Any profit from selling these cards in the future will be used to cover the operational costs of this nonprofit organization and will be donated to credible charities or families in need of some financial support.

So to achieve our vision, expand as an organization, and give back to the greater community, we are looking for members (preferably anyone ages 13+) to help make physical cards, create digital card designs, join our social media management team, start Care Cardz chapters in their communities, write in our Blog, help host/edit our Podcast or even become an interviewee.

There are many ways to become involved and have an impact in the real world with Care Cardz, so come join us and starting caring card by card!