COVID 19 Relief Appeal

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We do introduce to you Village Concern Uganda a nonprofit organization initiated with the plight of transforming the most disadvantaged livelihoods and communities in Bugweri district and the neighborhood in Eastern Uganda to live better lives. During these challenging times of COVID-19, many of the communities we serve are facing very uncertain times.

A recent report for Evidence Based Response to COVID-19 reveals some worrying findings about the impact of coronavirus on the lives of many Ugandans. Half of respondents to the survey said they would run out of money if they had to stay home as a result of the lockdown. The lowest-income households expected to run out of food and money in less than a week. In the target communities, many have admitted that hunger has forced them to violate stay-at-home orders in order to search for food.

As a result, the government response has been to implement strict lockdown measures from day one to try and contain the spread of the virus. But this policy is causing great hardship and suffering as the majority survive by doing piecework and casual labour on a day by day basis and this is not possible during lockdown. Demonstrations have taken place by people saying they would rather take the chance of catching the virus than dying of hunger. 60% of people responding to the survey said they did not have the space at home to isolate sick people, nor the money to buy face coverings or soap for hand washing.

As a voluntary charity, our appeal to like minded charities is to seek for relief support most especially in supporting vulnerable families have at least a meal a day, get masks and soap for washing their hands as an approach of reducing the spread of disease and fighting malnutrition.