Triathlon Volunteers Needed!

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We need your help to run a safe and fun, Longmont Triathlon Weekend 2018! The only way that is made possible is by volunteers like you!

Longmont Kids Only Triathlon & Try-a-Tri
Saturday, June 2, 2018
38th Annual Longmont Triathlon
Sunday, June 3, 2018
Both events are located at Centennial Pool- 1201 Alpine St., 80504

Volunteer Positions:
Course Marshalls- cheer and direct the runners and bikers on the race course.

Q & A’s
Who can volunteer?
Everyone is welcome to volunteer! Families, friends, seniors, adults, teenagers, anyone! This is a great opportunity for High School students who are trying to earn volunteer hours as well! The only exception is that we ask that an ‘adult’ (someone 16 or older) volunteer with youth 14 and under.

Do I have to pick just ONE day! ;)
Nope- you can volunteer for both days, or race one day volunteer the other!

What do I say to those racers?
Quite simple really, just cheer, and if you have a cow bell, bring it and ring it!
Phrases Commonly Used; "Keep running! You are doing GREAT! Turn left here! You're almost to the top of that hill! It's all downhill from here!"

What do I receive for volunteering?
Besides the satisfaction of giving back to your community by motivating and keeping the racers safe; you will receive a commemorative event shirt and lots of yummy snacks from our sponsors.

Awesome! I want to sign up now! Who do I contact?
Just reply to this email!
Sara Taylor either by email or phone

I know some other cool people that would enjoy volunteering as well; can I pass on this info?
YES! Please do! The more volunteers the better! If the volunteers have buddies, as long as they let Sara know the week before the race they can be at the same station and cheer together.

I don’t want to volunteer; I want to be a Triathlete! How do I register?
Check out our web pages for all registration information and race details:
Longmont Kids' Only Triathlon Information
Longmont Triathlon & Try-a-Tri Information

Thanks everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!