Boys & Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit organization that works hard towards their mission of providing safe places for children and youth and helping them to foster positive relationships within the community. Their ultimate goal is to aid in facilitating the healthy development of children and their families by helping them develop interpersonal skills and personal strengths that will enhance their long-term success.

BGCBig’s fundamental values really work hand-in-hand with their mission to ensure that it is carried out successfully. They believe that all children have the capacity to lead rewarding lives and become contributing adults in their communities and that their development can be enhanced and enriched by positive relationships with caring adults.

They facilitate this in a number of ways, including providing kids with support programs, meal provision, and most importantly, adult mentoring. By introducing an adult mentor into the lives of youth, BGCBigs is able to provide an amazing environment in which children have the opportunity to interact, live and learn as they grow!

One of BGCBigs’ largest mentorship initiatives is the In School Mentoring program! This program entails a child being matched with an adult who visits their school for an hour once a week, interacting with the child in various ways. Through this regular interaction, the In School Mentoring can create a huge ripple effect for both the student and the mentor! One of our favorite success stories is that of Connor and Zane. One of Connor’s first encounters with volunteering was becoming a BGCBigs volunteers and it was one of the most rewarding decisions he had ever made! On the ripple effect that mentoring can have in a child’s life, Connor explained that “you help them make small changes that will lead to bigger changes in the future.”

Connor’s mentee, Zane, started off shy but after spending just one year with Connor, has come out of his shell and is happy to talk about his mentor! Conner realized that it isn’t just about changing the mentees life – “to me it adds to my quality of life” he says. “It’s centered on building a strong relationship and trust and other important values. And each year it’s so rewarding.” Connor has been with BGCBigs for four years (so far)!

Last year, nearly 5,000 children and their families were a part of BGCBigs with the support of almost 3,000 volunteers! GozAround is a big supporter of all that BGCBigs works hard to accomplish and we are here to provide you with the many ways that you can get involved with this fantastic organization! Volunteer by becoming a member and joining the BGCBigs family or contact BGCBigs to enroll a child!

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