1. Energetic

The number one thing you can bring to the table is all that energy you have stored somewhere inside you! When you are enthusiastic about a cause, your energy will be contagious and spread to others. You will not only feel fantastic, but you will find that your positive spirit can motivate others to take action towards the cause as well.

  1. Flexible

Organizations often recruit volunteers for roles of all kind. It might be using your hard-earned, high-level skills one day, and packing boxes the next. Your willingness to jump in and help with any tasks that may arise will open doors to new experiences and allow you to make a difference in a variety of ways! And for those of you looking for work experience, an open mind and being ready to step up (even when unexpected things occur) will look great on a resume and build your personal skill set!

  1. Imaginative and Creative

Allowing your mind to be free and creative and being passionate about your dream to make a difference will help bring a fun and loving spirit to any volunteer opportunity. Who knows, you may even find yourself getting creative about other ways to help your organization of choice!

  1. Reliable and Committed

This one is pretty simple- if you make a commitment to a volunteer organization, make sure you can follow through! These organizations count on your commitment to the cause! Of course as with all things in life, things happens, just stay open and honest! And if you have chosen a longer term opportunity, being committed on a regular basis for a period of time can be a great way to gain skills and make a lasting impact with your work!

  1. Selfless

This is what volunteering is all about. Giving your time to a cause you believe in, in order to help others in the process. The whole experience can be very rewarding and addictive! A little selflessness can go a long way and you might just find you get a lot out of the experience.

  1. Passionate

When you align your passions with your volunteer work, the most uninteresting tasks can be brought into a whole new light. When you become passionate about the cause and the organization is when your work is going to have the biggest impact. Not to mention, passion is just as infectious as energy. And remember, not every volunteer role is “on the frontlines” of the cause you are supporting…but without people in the background, sometimes doing the thankless, unglamorous jobs, the whole organization would collapse.

  1. Team Player

Last but not least, being a part of a team is essential to volunteering. The world is very rarely changed by just one person. Instead it’s the collective efforts of a group of committed individuals, working together that makes the difference. Stay friendly, respect all opinions, and be compassionate and you can achieve something wonderful with your team!

There you have it! Find ways to stay passionate, be yourself, stay positive, and offer your skills to a great cause and you will be on your way to achieving greatness!


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