Here at GozAround we believe that the couple who volunteers together, stays together.  No matter if it is your first year in a relationship with your new sweetheart, or your 50th wedding anniversary is approaching, volunteering can help you maintain a fun and caring relationship.  Here are our top five reasons why you and your significant other should volunteer together!


1. It’s a Powerful Bonding Experience —> As discussed in our blog, Why Volunteering is the Best Medicine for Stress, reaching out to help others causes us to release a hormone called oxytocin.  This feel good hormone dubbed the “cuddle hormone” causes us to feel a closer bond to others!  University of California psychologist Sonja Lyumbomirsky recommends that couples actively work at building companionship, through making time to talk and be together.  Scheduling time to volunteer together will help build companionship through a meaningful, shared experience and give you plenty to talk about.

2. Discover Your Shared Values —> Finding the perfect volunteer program for you, as a couple, involves discussing your mutual interests and learning what causes matter the most to each other.  Whether you are passionate about wildlife conservation, helping at a soup kitchen, or becoming a camp leader at an orphanage, you’ll learn what causes your partner is passionate about and a little more about who they are!

3. Try New Things —> Maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to…well fill in the blank. According to Lyumbomirsky, trying new things helps to keep a relationship “fresh, meaningful, and positive” and “staves off adaptation”.  Why not get out of your dinner-and-a-movie routine and shake it up by volunteering for different events and festivals in the city?

4. Count Your Blessings —> Engaging in a meaningful volunteering task can help you and the your partner see all the good in the lives you share together.  When it comes to maintaining a long, loving relationship, Lyubomirsky highlights the “importance of appreciation”.  What better way to gain perspective on your problems than by volunteering at a homeless shelter? Volunteering to help those in need will allow you to count the blessings in your own life, ultimately increasing your satisfaction with not only your partner, but with your life as well.

5. Double Your Impact in the Community —> If there is a cause you care strongly about, you’ll have made twice the impact by working together!  The number one motivator reported for volunteering time is to give back to the community.  Why not maximize the social good you’re doing by volunteering as a couple?!


As you can tell from our list, volunteering your time can create an enormous boost in your level of satisfaction with not only your relationship but also with life in general, because it integrates 3 of the 5 ways scientifically proven to making you happier: counting your blessings, committing acts of kindness, and using your strengths and virtues for the greater good. Here is a list of some volunteering ideas you can try out for some truly fun and fulfilling date-nights.


Big Brothers Big Sisters — Couple Mentoring  — Give the gift of friendship to a child! Together you can be powerful role models to a child and rediscover your silly side.

Voluntouring” Abroad — Couples therapist, Elizabeth Joy Lamotter advocates that you can improve your relationship through a volunteer vacation.  Why not incorporate volunteering into your next get away by engaging youth in recreational activities in an orphanage or by building homes for the those in need.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter— Volunteering at a homeless shelter is very rewarding, plus there is a wide variety of ways you can help out, such as by serving food, picking up donations, teaching skills, talking to people and more.

Volunteer at a Senior Centre — As a couple you could visit seniors and play board games or share stories.  As another fun way to get involved, you could help put on a dance or exercise night!

Volunteer at an Animal Rescue — As a couple you could help out by transporting animals to and from appointments, helping out with laundry, cuddle cats and dogs, or even become foster parents and keep an animal out of a cage.

Volunteer at Events/ Festivals — Can you remember the last time you went to a festival with your partner?  This volunteer activity is especially great if you and your partner have busy work schedules and could really use a night off.  Find a festival geared to your shared interests as a couple and have fun being at the heart of event.

For some wonderful volunteer opportunities, you should check out the latest listings on GozAround.  No matter what your interests and schedule is like as a couple, GozAround is bound to have the perfect volunteering role for you and your partner!