At GozAround, we want to inspire others to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. In preparing for the launch of our website, we’ve been searching for an opportunity to showcase that spirit by organizing one grand act of kindness for someone in need. Although GozAround is built on the idea of helping others in small, but meaningful ways, we wanted to elevate the philosophy for our launch.  We hope to attract as many “everyday heros” as possible to join our site (it’s free!) and foster the development of more caring and close knit communities. While we searched for that “grand act of kindness” to perform, we wound up helping many others with little things along the way; which we’re pretty sure made us feel as good as it did them! But, we knew we’d found “it” when we stumbled across the story of Megan and Josh. Megan and Josh were busy raising a family and building a life together when she was suddenly diagnosed with stomach cancer six months ago. The 28-year old mother of 4 young children was prepared for the battle of a lifetime, but recently received the devastating news that not only had the chemo treatments not worked, but the cancer had jumped from stage 2 to 4 within a month, spreading to her intestines. Unfortunately, Megan’s doctors have told her that a cure is not in the cards. Although hopeful natural treatments may produce a miracle, with her bright blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room, she bravely faces the road ahead, choosing to live while she’s alive.  Megan is soaking up every moment with the love of her life, Josh, and her 4 children: ages 7, 6, and 2½ year old twins. Megan and Josh had always dreamed of getting married, but with Megan being sick and 4 little ones to care for, Josh had to quit working to take care of his family.  They have been forced to live off of their savings, eradicating any chance of affording a wedding. To make matters worse, while Megan was in the hospital receiving treatment, their house flooded, forcing them to move. As we sat with them, we heard their story and saw the tears in their eyes as they spoke about how much they loved each other and wanted to get married in front of their children. It was an easy decision to offer to help give them the beautiful wedding they so deserved. We want to bring some happiness into this family’s life, but we need your help.  As a start up business, our resources are limited too, so we are reaching out to community members and local businesses who have the heart and the means to help us create a magical day for Megan and Josh. We will strive to obtain as much publicity and recognition for those willing to contribute/donate/sponsor as possible, but of course there’s never any guarantee when it comes to media attention. However, we do anticipate that this touching love story and the generous businesses that contribute to its happy ending will not go unnoticed. We will certainly be sending out this story to the general media, but all that we can promise at this point is:

  • Exposure on our website, which will launch on the same day as the wedding
  • A public thank-you on our Twitter feed (currently 3,900+ followers)
  • A public thank-you on our Facebook page, plus the facebook pages of our founders, team, and those involved in the wedding (more than 5,000 followers)

Edmonton is known for being a generous community, and we hope this only further proves it! Here’s a list of the items we are currently seeking. Business’ and individual’s names will be added to their corresponding sponsored item as we go.