Today’s younger generation is more involved in giving back and volunteering than ever before. A poll by Associated Press found that those under the age of 30 claim they have a “very important obligation” to volunteer. This may be partially explained by the fact that the millennial generation is one that is constantly seeking careers that are both socially responsible and provide opportunities for growth.

The 2014 Millennial Impact report by Achieve found that 47% of millennials surveyed said they had volunteered for a non-profit in the past month and 57% said they wanted to see more volunteer opportunities offered through their employer. This means that people are bringing their passions for causes to work with them, and constantly working on building a better community and a better world.

The report also made it clear that millennials are “still a generation that likes to give.” More than 85% of millennials donated money last year, with a large portion of that percentage donated in sums of over $100.

The most important thing to take away from these findings is that these numbers have been rising and seem to constantly be on the rise. When compared to older generations, it is true that millennial’s commitments to differing civic responsibilities (e.g. voting) have dropped. According to Derrick Feldmann (Achieve President), it is more important to look at generational habits as a whole, without comparing factors side by side.

It is easy to conclude that millennials are socially conscious individuals who can prove to be great additions to any non-profit. They are not only passionate about volunteering and doing good, but they can also use their knowledge of the digital era to voice their opinions and truly spread their socially conscious passions locally and globally. Non-profits should be reaching out to the millennial generation and providing them with the opportunity to join their cause!

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