Volunteer Organizations

GozAround is a fast-growing social network for making the world a better place!  We make it easy to engage with individuals and businesses that share your organization’s passion and vision.

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Volunteer Posting Site


Target individuals uniquely interested in your nonprofit’s opportunities. On GozAround, we instantly notify individuals and businesses when you post a position or project that lines up with the causes and roles they are interested in.

Find volunteers and supporters that share your nonprofit's passion!

Volunteer Recognition Tool


We know it’s important for people to feel recognized for doing a good thing.  Whether posted and completed on GozAround, or manually logged by the volunteer, you are able to provide your team with verified volunteer hours that display on their public GozAround profile.  This brings awareness to your organization and your volunteer’s efforts all in one easy process.

How to Reward Volunteers


Measure the impact your nonprofit has in the community and gather valuable data organically and without time-consuming data-entry.

GozAround tracks the total number of volunteer hours generated, the monetary value of these contributions and keeps a list of your volunteers. You will also get valuable feedback from each volunteer after each posting is finished.  


GozAround Grants - social enterprise



GozAround generates automatic Facebook posts for your nonprofit as a FREE advertising mechanism!  As projects are completed volunteers are encouraged to share their achievement on Facebook, tagged with your organization.  This brings social recongition to their contribution and your grou.

Better yet, when you verify that an individual has volunteered for your nonprofit, their hours will be logged and added to their profile page for all to see.  This form of recognition also helps to retain your volunteers.



Earn donations simply by using our site! Get all of your current volunteers tracking their hours through GozAround, and we will donate money to your nonprofit for every hour.  GozAround donates 25% of its profits right back to its nonprofits based on the number of hours logged through us.

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