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Santa Rosa, California, United States of America
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2 months ago
Jul 05, 2021 Love to Table posted a new volunteer opportunity for Volunteer Correspondents needed for incarcerated individuals.
Jul 05, 2021 Love to Table joined GozAround.
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Love To Table was originally incorporated in 2002 as Fill Up America. Over time, it changed its name and mission to reflect the expanded focus from an organization using surplus food and clothing to provide educational and charitable assistance, to one dedicated to providing spiritual and material sustenance and balance, to fill what is empty and empty what is full. From the beginning though, the heart of the organization has centered on restoring dignity to the most outcast members of society, and our programs provide the reflection, nourishment and tools necessary to restore human dignity. The Unconditional Freedom Project is a program of Love to Table, a 501c3 organization, with the vision of turning prisons into monasteries.

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