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Introducing the Thank You Card Coordinator role—an essential opportunity for individuals committed to precision and philanthropy. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc., a respected nationwide 501c(3) non-profit, seeks a volunteer, regardless of location within the United States, to fulfill this crucial function.

The organization's mission is straightforward: to provide protective vests to law enforcement dogs across the nation. This role requires candidates with a solid grasp of written communication and attention to detail.

The chosen candidate will be responsible for crafting Thank You cards and sending acknowledgment emails to donors. Necessary supplies such as cards, envelopes, and stamps will be provided.

Independence is key. The coordinator will manage weekly card and email distributions. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is preferred for efficient data extraction.

The role's commitment level aligns with donation frequency. The coordinator must ensure timely card and email completion, adapting to varying workloads.

Long-term commitment is essential. Confidentiality is paramount, requiring a professional approach.

Interested individuals should complete an online volunteer application at www.vik9s.org under "HOW TO HELP" and "VOLUNTEER NOW", specifying interest in the "Thank You" coordinator role. Completion of the online application and background check is mandatory prior to further consideration.

In essence, the Thank You Card Coordinator role bridges gratitude and service, contributing to Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.'s mission. The chosen coordinator embodies professionalism and dedication, forming a direct link between the organization and its supporters.
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