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Read Aloud Mentoring Program

In Read to a Child’s Read Aloud Mentoring Program, an adult is partnered one-on-one with a student attending one of our partner elementary schools for a rewarding, weekly read aloud experience. The relationship typically lasts for the entire school year and often extends for multiple years through the end of fourth grade. Reading pairs are supported by an on-site Program Coordinator, employed by Read to a Child, and are provided access to a wide selection of appropriate books to read. Most recently, Read to a Child has added a virtual component to the program, enabling mentors and children to connect online via Zoom.

The simple act of reading aloud to a child once a week, over time, can have a profound impact on the child’s future. The Read Aloud Mentoring Program also offers the adult a convenient, joyful, and meaningful way to give back.

Why Read to a Child?

Read to a Child’s model is based on the premise that a love of reading is a driver of opportunity for children throughout their lifetime. A caring connection with a reading mentor helps to facilitate the attention, engagement, and confidence that all children need to thrive.

Reading aloud is known to be the single most powerful way to promote strong reading skills in children. According to the landmark 1985 report Becoming a Nation of Readers, "Reading aloud is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading."

According to a study by Berk L.E. of Pearson Education, Inc. (2009), "When adults read to children, discussing story content, asking open-ended questions about story events, explaining the meaning of words, and pointing out features of print, they promote increased language development, comprehension of story content, knowledge of story structure, and a better understanding of language - all of which lead to literacy success."

Who Do We Serve?

Read to a Child serves grade K-4 students at Title 1 elementary schools. Read to Child’s current school partners consist of, on average, 79% low income as well as 47% Latino/a, 36% Black, and 3% AAPI students.

Diversity Statement

Read to a Child is committed to providing resources to children most impacted by systemic inequalities. We have faith in our students’ ability to thrive and choose to focus on their strengths rather than the barriers they face. We are motivated to continuously act on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion among reading mentors, staff, and board members so as to best reflect and support the students we serve.

For more information please visit the organization directly at: http://readtoachild.org/
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