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We need your help!!

Vinceremos is currently seeking volunteers for Monday - Saturday shifts! With just six full-time employees, we rely heavily on our volunteers to help groom, bathe, and tack our horses as well as lead and sidewalk in therapeutic riding and hippotherapy lessons. Volunteering and working with the horses is an amazing volunteer opportunity. Volunteers leave more relaxed and balanced than when they come. Our volunteers get addictied to the Vinceremos atmoshpere and often pick up more shifts just to be around the horses. Volunteers are an integral part of our program and community, ensuring that our students have the support they need to become strong, confident, and assertive riders and individuals. In addition to improving the emotional wellbeing of our riders, volunteer involvement helps improve our riders' strength, flexibility, and balance, from our tiniest hippotherapy kids to our adult Special Olympic medalists. This volunteer opportunity allows you to give and take as you will be rewarded with each volunteer hour spent.

No previous horse experience is needed. We have a well organized system of procedures that is easy to pick up and understand. We welcome all individuals to help from those with horse experience to those with none.

Vinceremos’ volunteer program provides a safe environment to learn skills such as stable management, barn maintenance, and equine care (including grooming, bathing, tacking, and handling) while also gaining experience working with those with physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Our volunteers also help out at our special events, such as fundraisers, the annual VTRC Holiday Horse Show, golf and fishing tournaments, our Annual Benefit Auction, and the Special Olympics. Although VTRC undoubtedly needs dedicated volunteers, our organization isn’t the only benefactor - volunteering at Vinceremos will:

Build confidence
Encourage independence and responsibility
Offer a safe forum for socialization
Foster positive friendships and relationships
Provide a sense of stability
The minimum age to volunteer is 12, and NO horse experience is necessary! For more information, contact us at (561)-906-9961, or email volunteer@vinceremos.org.

About Vinceremos
Vinceremos is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving individuals with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding and hippotherapy lessons.

Vinceremos means "to overcome" or "to conquer" in Latin. The horses' gentle nature and rhythmic movement joined with our staff's extensive expertise has helped hundreds of clients conquer challenges associated with their disabilities. Vinceremos serves children and adults with developmental, physical and psychological disabilities in its dynamic stable environment.

VTRC coordinates its services through physician/therapist referrals, group homes, school programs and individual enrollment. Vinceremos staff includes Therapeutic Riding instructors, our Physical Therapist, and of course our 15 specially-trained equine partners, selected for their patience, dependability, and rhythmic gaits. This therapeutic medium propels clients to reach goals such as:

Strengthen postural control and core balance
Improve motor function
Increase ability to concentrate
Gain a greater sense of self-esteem and accomplishment
Enhance communication and social skills
Mastering these goals in VTRC's fun, natural, and nurturing environment, riders gain greater independence and achieve a higher quality of life. The bond that is formed between the clients and our horses often motivates them to continue their equine interest, either as a long-term therapy or as a life long recreational outlet.

For more information please visit the organization directly at: http://vinceremos.org/
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