Teach Financial Literacy to High School Students at Hueneme High in Oxnard / BUILDING BLOCKS FOR KIDS

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Teach Students Financial Literacy


At Building Blocks for Kids, we empower low-income students ages of 13-24, by providing a progressive financial literacy/career-based education curriculum and mentorship program that gives them the tools to maximize financial independence and social mobility as adults.


There is an estimation of 38 million people who are below the poverty line in the United States, and it is a number that grows each year. Building Blocks for Kids prepares students for a future where they have control of their finance and are prepared to make any financial decisions. We believe that we must do our part to stop an endless cycle of poverty through each generation. Our goal is to help low-income students understand/make better financial decisions in adulthood. Through our program, students go through lessons from career discovery to investing. Various activities are done so that the students can be involved during the lessons and have some fun while doing it. Upon completion of the program, each student receives at least $100 for college or retirement per semester.


Build teaching lessons

Teach students the basics of investing, loans, buying a house, budgeting, etc. (depending on the lesson)

Assist students in completing any of the activities

Answering any questions that the students may have


Introduction call with us. Meeting to go over a lesson.

Arrived on time and stayed until the time promised.


Required field trips.

All volunteers participating in this volunteer opportunity should adhere to the health and safety guidelines outlined here: https://www.laworks.com/health-and-safety.

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For more information please visit the organization directly at: http://www.bbfkids.org/more
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