Internship on human rights issues with women and girls in the Peruvian Andes.

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Posted by: Francisco C. Munoz
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Our Social Project invites you to participate and develop your professional and human capacities in a project of support, accompaniment and study of the reality related to the Human Rights of people and families displaced by political violence and their situation of extreme poverty, especially women. and children, these internal immigrant families come from areas declared an emergency by the Peruvian State, many of these families, especially children, suffer from problems related to health and malnutrition, lack of educational opportunities and very low self-esteem as a result of their social stigmatization and cultural in addition to the lack of job opportunities for their parents.

We intervene directly in these areas and communities, with a holistic approach and carrying out direct social work, our methodology is direct contact with these families and people (maintaining the confidentiality of each case). We are at a stage where we are conducting research on human rights and gender issues, socio-economic studies and the impact of the dominant modern culture on the rights and cultural traditions of these people, as well as conducting numerous case studies ( related to political, social and family violence), personal emotional and psychological impact, obtaining related data and many talks, workshops and face-to-face visits (psychology, organization, emotional support, rights of women and girls and others), as well as activities related to education, cultural revaluation, gender violence and other important related matters, promoting group organization and mutual support so that they can face their difficult situation.

We are a social volunteering project that promotes an alternative form of volunteering outside the tourist circuits, in this way, we offer a quite realistic work experience and social assistance in areas where there is a raw and true social reality, without sensationalism of any kind. , is sure to provide your personal and professional skills with people and objective problems, far from artificial scenarios, we operate with a flat structure and work directly with the communities to promote their self-development. Our projects are carried out in the same rural communities and vulnerable populations, with our own resources, without intermediaries.

In addition, it has guaranteed the specialized support of people committed to the social and economic improvement of the country, connoisseurs of its culture, mentality and area, sociologists, anthropologists and laws, it is safe in a personal, professional and local environment that We know a lot.

**What we offer

* Continuous personalized advice from a consultant with professional training and specialized in social, human rights and cultural issues.
*Team work and support.
*certificate issued by a non-profit organization
*Improve your level of Spanish theoretically and especially practice.
*Exchange courses in: Peruvian food, desserts, culture, games, native and Latin dances and others.
*On weekends, non-commercial excursions to many places, such as Andean mountains and lakes, artisan villages, pre-Inca ruins, waterfalls in jungle areas, and others.
*(optional) experience mysticism, Inka healing of self-knowledge and emotional balance based on Andean culture.
*Detailed information on Inca culture, travel and the geography of Peru.
*Detailed and updated information on social processes, human rights, political and cultural processes of the country and Latin America.

** Requirements:

*minimum age: 21 years
*It is important to have the ability and patience to deal with and work with little girls (ages 5 to 9) and women of all ages.
*It would be ideal to possess skills or interests related to yoga, fitness, holistic energy health and related spiritual philosophies.
*Have a tolerant, adaptable and open mind.
*have a lot of energy and be able to accept challenges
*have the ability to work with young and adult women
*Ability to integrate and work in a multicultural team.
*suggested minimum period is eight weeks, it can be adapted to the dates that suit both parties (limited vacancies)
*Basic Spanish level (optional)
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    4535, JR. Julio Llanos
    Huancayo, Junin
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