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A charity organization Health&Help is looking for an Administrative coordinator, to be based in the village of Chuinajtajuyub, Totonikapan area, in Guatemala and help the organization pro bono.

Health&Help is a charity project that aims to provide the local population in remote areas of Guatemala and Nicaragua with medical services of high quality. We offer healthcare to those in need free of charge.

In this role you will be expected to handle administrative issues, assist and work with volunteers as well as set up team building sessions, being the backbone of our project, helping the personnel professionally and psychologically. You should be able to maintain finance and accounting work as well as be involved in other projects.

A successful candidate is:

Expected to stay for at least one year;
Is tolerant and accepting of foreign cultures and lifestyles;
Has previous experience managing projects and people (children, in particular);
Is independent and confident when finding themselves in a new situation, e.g. being in a foreign country and/or having to hitchhike;
Always ready to assist and good in his/her own field;
Detail and goal-oriented;
An emerging leader, true team player, a sharer rather than a protector; has the ability to juggle with several matters at one time;
With exceptional communication skills and speaks English fairly (B1) and Spanish well (B2).
The responsibilities of the role include:

Handling newly arrived volunteers, their schedule; assisting and working together with other volunteers;
Supervising volunteers, checking their discipline and adherence to the rules (prohibitions against alcohol consumption in public places, smoking and etc.)
Purchasing goods and keeping the household life on track:
Keeping the books and putting up finance reports;
Working with vendors and suppliers in order to support the clinic’s proper functioning;
Being a facilitator between the volunteers and local communities, dissolving problems and neutralizing conflicts;
Preparing and giving educational lectures on public healthcare among local citizens, both children and adults.
We offer:

A place to stay and hot meals to eat free of charge;
A letter of recommendation upon request;
A friendly team, full of professionals;
An opportunity to develop your skills and find out more about yourself and other people and cultures;
Endless love and gratitude from all the locals, fellow volunteers, and all over the world.

For more information please visit the organization directly at: https://he-he.org/
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