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Role Description Many students have hearts full of love for Christ, passion for the Great Commission, and unique dreams about building the Kingdom together. Too often, though, these students do not know what this means practically. Our goal is to give students a vision and real-world experience in serving Christ in a medical context. CFH Harvest Hands serve patients through healthcare in the name of Christ. Harvest Hands are inspired by the words of Jesus: "the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few." That's why we're here. Whether you are interested in healthcare-related fields or have a passion for practical Christian ministry, we would love to join in your journey of growth, encouraging you to push deeper in your faith while building practical skills for real-world Kingdom building. The Cornerstone Family Health (CFH) Summer Internship Program (SIP) is designed to give students experience in hands-on medical work in the context of Christian ministry. This role is designed for students who have interests in the healthcare fields and/or Christian ministry. Interns will work with practicing physicians, and a diverse team of volunteers dedicated to providing excellent primary medical care in a gospel-setting. Responsibilities: Interns will take on significant responsibilities regarding the daily operations of CFH, including Front Desk (answering phones, scheduling, greeting, scanning records) and Back Desk (billing, medical codes, insurance work, updating records) responsibilities. Interns may also take on responsibilities relating to sharing the gospel, connecting with ministries, updating clinic resources (brochures, website, presentations), digitizing clinic records, or other challenges. Daily tasks can vary, so a spirit of flexibility is important. Interns will also take on a longitudinal independent project (IP) during their summer. This project will allow for an in-depth exploration into developing some aspect of clinic operations and ministry. At the end of the summer, interns may be asked to present their findings, which can serve as a foundation for developing a conference poster presentation. Dates: July and August, at least 3 days a week Total Hours: at least 120
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