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SPCA of Texas is seeking Foster Heroes who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to an animal in need.

By becoming a Foster Hero, you will be providing one animal with a comfortable, loving home while allowing another animal to take the foster’s place at the shelter.

The SPCA of Texas has foster opportunities to suit any lifestyle! We will supply everything you need, as long as you bring the LOVE!

The more animals fostered, the more lives saved!

Please go to www.spca.org/foster to our application.
Please go to www.spca.org/fosterme to see our animals in need.

We have three types of fosters.

Adoption Ambassador

Open your heart and home to adoptable animals, and help them find forever homes!

Send us great photos and bios for their online profiles.
Promote animals online, around town, and at SPCA of Texas adoption events.
Communicate with potential adopters and help select the perfect match.
Average foster time: 2-3 weeks
Benefits of Adoption Ambassador Program:

Foster parent knows more about dog than shelter ever could.
Adopters feel more comfortable about adoption.
Better match leads to fewer returns!
Opens up more space in the shelter to rescue more animals.
Rewarding experience for everyone involved.
Trust Building & Socialization Foster

Provide a safe, loving environment for animals with difficult pasts, and help them gain trust in people again.

Typically brought in by Animal Cruelty Investigations (ACI) unit.

Types of cases:

Hoarded/neglected animals
Cruelty Cases
Fearful or shy animals
Animals in need of obedience work
Benefits of Trust Building & Socialization Fostering:

Offers a second chance to an animal whose behavior and mental states are deteriorating in the shelter.
Provides valuable insight into what the animal is really like outside of a stressful environment.
Allows the animal to learn what love, trust, and manners are, and experience what life should be like.
Helps get an otherwise unavailable animal adoption-ready.
Healing & Comfort Foster

Provide animals the loving care and attention needed in a home, rather than a kennel.

Types of cases:

Mother and litter.
Kittens/puppies that need to grow/gain weight.
Orphaned babies that need bottle-feeding (aka Bottle Babies).
Animals needing rest to recover from sickness or surgery.
Fospice care for elderly or terminal animals.
Benefits of Healing & Comfort Fostering:

Allows animal to be in a comforting environment during an uncomfortable time.
Ensures animal receives adequate attention and care while recovering.
Provides valuable insight into animal’s personality outside of shelter.
Rewarding for foster parents

For more information please contact the organization directly at: http://www.spca.org/
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