Volunteer and make an impact in our community by spending time with our vulnerable children and our community at large.

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Volunteering reflects our values, what we care about, our vision for our community, and our sense of responsibility to the world.
1. Charity work is needed since there are funds that should be made in the building of dormitories, construction of kindergarten and also in the running of the centre.
2. In gardening, the volunteers may engage in gardening activities with the kids and clean the compound.
3. In General maintenance, the volunteers may participate in painting the centre also wall painting through art. Also fixing damages.
4. Help in the house- the volunteers may help in the cleaning of the house together with the aunties being our house mothers.
5. Cooking/shopping-the volunteers may engage with the staff and assist in cooking also the volunteers may help in the shopping of food in the orphanage.
6. Volunteers may engage in teaching the kids at schools also when they have difficulties in their studies and helping out with homework.
7. Language practice- the volunteers may teach the kids their languages and the kids teach them what they know eg.Swahili.
8. Art project-the volunteers may do some arts with the kids.
9. An animal care-the volunteer may help in the feeding of the animals and the birds.