General Assistant to Director of a Haiti Reforestation Project / HAITI TREE PROJECT

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I run a reforestation effort in Haiti called The Haiti Tree Project. We have 10 years of experience growing valuable fruit and forest trees and giving them to the local people to plant for the environment, for clean watershed, and for future food security.
As Director, I could really use all kinds of assistance. We have a small budget for now but with more volunteers, we can grow into an org that provides solid opportunities for internships and part-time employment. I would like to meet with each potential volunteer and see where their interests and experience lie to fit you with the right tasks. Here are some examples of what is needed:

- Helping in short and long term decision making of the organization as a whole
- Helping with ongoing tasks like tagging tree species online
- Helping to analyze tree survival rates in relation to project approach
- Creating website and social media updates/posts
- All kinds of marketing assistance
- All kinds of grant writing assistance
- Researching connections with potential followers/donors
- Filling out applications with funding organizations to network our project better
- Leading the team of volunteers to keep things moving and organized
- Creating videos and pitches about all we do in Haiti
- Any kind of design work that helps us show off our work
- Photography in Haiti
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