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Job Description:
Certified Listeners Society is looking for individuals to help within our Business Development team, to develop and implement growth opportunities for our organization. You will receive guidance from an experienced business development professional and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills. Having the right cultural fit is very important. We are looking for someone who can use business as a force for good. To learn more about what we do, visit our website here http://certifiedlisteners.org/

Qualities we are looking for:
Passionate about social change and community building: tolerant, caring and respectful
A leader: You have experience leading a team through stressful situations, achieving amazing results in the end
Team and Community Oriented: You don’t think what’s in it for me, you think what’s in it for the team and our community
Entrepreneurial and Proactive: You know what it means to work hard, and you will get the job done no matter what comes in the way. You are able to strategize and implement
A fast learner: You are hungry to take on new projects to expand your knowledge; you execute, make a mistake, learn, and iterate to always be improving
Results Focused and Adaptable: Your role may change as we grow, but you are keen to take on new challenges. No task is above you
A great communicator: You know how to keep everyone informed and get your message across clearly and concisely
Organized and efficient: you pay attention to details. You are able to seamlessly manage multiple projects at once
Fun: You are easy to get along with and have a positive attitude
Balanced: You know how to manage your time effectively with passions outside of work

Location: Remote

  • Location:
    1235 Fairview Street
    Burlington, Ontario
    L7S 1Y3
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    2 – 5 hours
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