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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Torus has moved our ESL classes from in-person to online. We are currently utilizing Zoom to conduct our classes to continue supporting Portland's immigrant and refugee communities. Through our classes, we strive to teach our learners practical English which is essential for assimilation into America. Volunteers are not required to have prior teaching experience. We are looking for volunteers who want to interact with this community of immigrants and refugees and engage in cross-cultural sharing.

All the classes take place in the Pacific Time Zone.

General Duties
Responsive communication
Enthusiasm, Engagement, and Motivation

A cell phone with WhatsApp and Zoom is required, a computer is helpful too.
Flexibility, empathy, enthusiasm, and an attitude of openness & experimentation
A willingness to examine one’s own privileges and cultural upbringing
A willingness to be awkward, try new things, take direction, and give direction
A willingness to look at your weak spots and to be wrong
The desire to be a better person and a better teacher
The ability to tell the difference between observation, feeling, interpretation, and evaluation
Be the cheerleader you want to see in the world
Curiosity and patience
Daily access to email and the internet
A burning desire to connect people to resources and other people
Intermediate fluency in English

Helpful, But Not Required

Good grammar
Phone with text capability
Immigrant/refugee experience, personal or family
Intermediate fluency in a language other than English
Prior skills training (like music teaching or sports coaching)
Outside the US experience

Facilitator Responsibilities

Plan a lesson the day before class, drawing the ideas and resources from weekly topics posted on ESLC and Torus WhatsApp group
Promptly communicate with all staff members, Assistants, Shadowers, and Facilitators via WhatsApp, text, email, or phone
Spend 30-60 min of prep and 1 hour of teaching per week.
Enthusiastically motivate and gently push learners just out of their comfort zone
Provide clear direction to Assistants, and other guests or participants
Practice Total Participant Engagement by keeping everybody involved
Respond calmly, humorously, and decisively to the challenges that present themselves
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