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Join our mission to provide underserved immigrants and refugees in our community with immigration benefits and naturalized citizenship! We pursue these goals by offering free tax services to lower-income immigrants. Not only can we help individuals maximize their returns, but our clients and their lawyers can use proof of paid taxes in immigration court as evidence of good moral character.

So, while the idea of just doing taxes might trigger a yawn :), we hope you see the positive impact of our services and are willing to help out as an outreach intern! Our outreach interns will be working under our Director of Marketing and Fundraising to develop relationships with local churches, organizations, and schools. After developing skills in e-mail campaigning and social media, we hope our outreach interns can take the chance to pursue their own initiative on behalf of The Dreamers' Tax Project.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please e-mail dreamerstaxproject@gmail.com with a resume or a short description of your skills and experiences. Please feel free to apply even if your skillset is not a perfect match. We are always happy to find a place for you. Speaking Spanish is a plus, but not necessary.
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