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10 X Thinking begins with the idea that it is easier to do something 1000% better than it is to do it 50% better. When we try to do something 10% better we default to the existing protocol and work harder or faster. Because no one can work 1000% faster and harder sustainably, the goal of 10 X thinking is one of structural re-design with the goal of 1000% more sustainable well-being per unit of energy invested. 10 X Thinking is ultimately about design.

Financial institutions are filled with eager investors looking for a 10 X return on money invested. Behind money, however, is the desire for sustainable well-being. And for those that are already secure in their survival, it can be far more efficient to aim straight for a 10 X return on sustainable well-being than to pursue ever increasing amounts of money with the theory that it can be transformed into higher levels of mental and emotional well-being, which is frequently not the case.

10 X Living is about participating in the ultimate game: to create sustainable fun and reduce unnecessary suffering by 1000% relative to the status quo. It means being weird, exploring and creating new trails (we'd all be getting 1000% better returns already if being normal generated them!).

If you have four hours or more each week and wish to serve in this adventure, we can engage in a relationship of learning by living as we work on various modules of a 10 X Life. Fill out the application on the link below:




Dane E. Rose
Chairman of Board
Happiness Data
Landline: 415. 455. 9161
Your donations are tax deductible as a U.S. 501c3 non-profit. # C4057297
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