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Have you ever wanted to do something AMAZING to change the world but didn't know where to start?

Here is an opportunity to help underprivileged children, to help under-served children, to help ALL children displaced from school by COVID-19, to help close the opportunity gap in America, by closing the education gap, by closing the literacy gap that keeps growing. More than 20 million children in America's schools can't read! But all of that is about to change.

#TheFUNetixLiteracyProject is a coordinated nationwide project to teach every child in America how to read by the end of third grade.

The #Art4LiteracyProject, in conjunction with the FUNetix Literacy Project, is looking for a few very special people, talented high school, middle school and elementary school artists who are willing to donate their art to literacy.

Together we are the American Youth Literacy Foundation, and we have been teaching children how to read for 12 years using a patented curriculum, now available as an app in the App Store and Google Play. We just launched this amazing and wonderful smartphone app, called the FUNetix 12 Hour Reading App, on January 5th, 2021 and November 11th 2020 respectively, to help save millions of children from a lifetime of illiteracy!

The app literally teaches children how to read in 12 hours!

Our organization is an "all volunteer," mission-centric, extended virtual network, comprised of more than seventy, highly skilled and experienced individuals from around the country (and a few from around the world) who collaborate through cloud-based technology and platforms. The app consists of more than 2,000 screens, each individually narrated to simulate a true one-on-one tutoring experience, which has been the hallmark of the American Youth Literacy Foundation for 12 years.

We are looking for talented artists willing to donate one or more pieces of artwork (digital copies only, no originals) that we might use to create community oriented printable pdf flyers and merchandise like T-shirts, Water Bottles and Coffee Mugs which will be available in our new FUNetix Store.

FUNetix is life changing; and unlike so many other discussions, conversations, policies, programs and protocols, FUNetix will make a profound impact on millions of individual lives, while also profoundly effecting major social improvement on a massive scale, to bring about real, sustainable change in underprivileged and fully privileged communities and classrooms alike, wherever illiteracy and poor literacy looms. Literacy as a path to education and opportunity for millions of American children, and potentially billions of children worldwide, is imminently near.

Our simple mission is to ensure that every child learns how to read in first, second or third grade.

If you want to see your artwork in print, please donate colorful, happy, beautiful, interesting and non-offensive artwork today!

We can't use every piece of artwork that we receive. Some we will turn into downloadable pdf's with information about where you can download the FUNetix app. Other pieces we will brand with the FUNetix logo and place on items in our store. Still others we will place on our Art4Literacy Pinterest pages with a link from and to our website.

Send us a high resolution photo of your artwork or a copy of your digital artwork and we will add it to our ever growing library of amazing student art.

Thank you! We hope this opportunity finds you at the right place and the right time to share a small piece of yourself and your talent, in order to make a difference and an impact, to add value, in an amazing way, to help millions of children who are waiting for someone, or some thing, to lead them out of a life of impoverishment and into a future of unlimited possibility and potential. Join #TheFUNetixLiteracyProject!

We look forward to seeing your artwork.

Email files to Art4Literacy@YouthLit.org

Important: Please include your age and grade!

Optional, please include your first name and last initial if you want recognition. (You may also include your last name but that is also optional.)

Artwork can be anything that you've already created that's colorful, pretty, interesting, etc., or something new and specifically oriented around reading. Finally, feel free to prominently sign your work!

Thank you again!!!

Mr. R. Kali Woodward

Founding, Executive Director
American Youth Literacy Foundation
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