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You’ve felt it yourself-the undeniable boost to your mood and spirit you feel when you’re with your pet. Every year, thousands of Pet Partners volunteer handlers around the world share this gift by bringing joy and improved outcomes to millions of people. You’re here because you share our vision, and want to improve lives in your community. We’re here to get you started and support you along the way.

One of the best things about Pet Partners is that while dogs make up 94% of the teams in our Therapy Animal Program, we also welcome friendly, well-behaved cats, horses, birds, pigs, llamas & alpacas, rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs!

To become a volunteer therapy animal team with Pet Partners and begin visiting, you and your pet will first need to complete our registration process. We use this process to be sure your pet is healthy and well-behaved, and that you have the right training too.

What are the benefits if I register with Pet Partners?
While on volunteer visits, you and your pet have comprehensive insurance coverage.
You will have access to tools to help you find places and opportunities to visit.
You will have access to Pet Partners’ online courses available free or at discounted prices.
You will have support and customer service from Pet Partners’ exceptional Therapy Animal Program staff.
You will receive an ID badge with a picture of you and your pet for you to wear while visiting.
To get started, visit https://petpartners.org/volunteer/volunteer-with-pet-partners/.